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Equality and Diversity

At Pike Fold Primary School, we are committed to ensuring equality of opportunity for all pupils, staff, parents and carers irrespective of race, gender, disability, belief, sexual orientation, age or socio-economic background. We aim to develop a culture of inclusion and diversity in which all those connected to the school feel proud of their identity and ability to participate fully in school life.

We tackle discrimination through the positive promotion of equality, by challenging bullying and stereotypes and by creating an environment which champions respect for all.

At Pike Fold Primary School, we believe that diversity is a strength which should be respected and celebrated by all those who learn, teach and visit us.

Our approach to equality is based on the following key principles: 

  • Principle 1: All members of our school community are of equal value and should be treated with dignity and respect. Every member of our school community is of equal value, whatever their age, sex, gender identity, race, colour, nationality or ethnic origin, religion or belief, sexual orientation and whether or not they are disabled. All members of our school community are entitled to be treated with dignity and respect and should treat others in the same way.
  • Principle 2: This school respects and values diversity and difference. In this school we respect, value and embrace diversity and difference and we understand the kind of barriers and disadvantages some people with protected characteristics may face. We will make reasonable adjustments to arrangements or practices in relation to pupils and staff with a disability including the provision of appropriate auxiliary aids and services. The diversity of people’s backgrounds and circumstances will be appreciated and valued. Diversity is a strength, which should be respected and celebrated by all those who learn and teach in this school.
  • Principle 3: This school will prepare learners for life in modern Britain. The school will ensure our pupils are well prepared to contribute to wider society and life in modern Britain. The school will equip learners to be responsible, respectful, active citizens who contribute positively to society by developing understanding of British values, by developing understanding and appreciation of diversity and by promoting respect for difference and the protected characteristics under the Act.
  • Principle 4: This school fosters positive attitudes and relationships. The school intends that its policies, procedures and activities should actively promote and foster positive attitudes, good relations and mutual respect between all groups of individuals who are different from each other. The school will act to prevent and tackle discriminatory and derogatory language and behaviour including but not limited to language or behaviour that is homophobic, racist, sexist or that is derogatory about people with a disability
  • Principle 5: This school fosters a strong shared sense of community cohesion and belonging. The school will strive to ensure that all pupils, members of staff and school governors feel a sense of belonging within the school and within the wider school community and that they feel valued and respected and are able to participate fully in school and in public life.

We expect all members of the school community and visitors to support our commitment to promoting equalities and meeting the requirements of the Equality Act. We will provide training, guidance and information to enable them to do this.

Our Equalities objectives are evaluated yearly by the SLT and governing body.

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