Summer Term

Our topic this term was Florence Nightingale and we have learnt about why she is important and how she revolutionised hospitals. This term we have been developing our understand of conjunctions and using them within our writing. We have learnt more about past and present tense and how these change a verb. Year 2 have been looking at lots of different suffixes to make our writing more interesting for example using -ment, -ness and -ful. 

Spring Term

During the spring Year 2 started a new topic on the Great Fire of London. We learnt about the events of what happened and who the key people were and in our Literacy we linked our knowledge to create instructions on how to make bread, like the bakery where the fire started, created a newspaper article on the events and write a non-chronological report on London. After we visited Bury Fire Training and Safety Centre we wrote a recount on our fantastic day there. 

Autumn Term

2P have used their knowledge from their History and Art lessons about Laurence Lowry to create a fact file about him. We have learnt about the 4 sentence types (statements, commands, questions and exclamatory sentences), expanded noun phrases and using subheadings.

We are currently enjoying exploring the book Grandad's Secret Giant. 2P have learnt about using apostrophes for possession, commas to create lists, using the suffix -ful and have been reminding ourselves about using questions. Grandad's secret giant is a friendly giant and has been helping the village with small tasks without their knowledge, we have been writing letters to the giant.