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Our Aims

Mission Statement

At Pike Fold we provide a safe, caring and happy environment where children develop skills which enable them to make choices which will impact positively on their lives.

Our aims at Pike Fold are:

  • To provide equal access for all children be recognising the special conditions required for learning by individual children.
  • For children to achieve targets expected with the National Curriculum and within the context of a wider curriculum.
  • To enable each child to enjoy a creative learning experience.
  • To understand the world in which we live in and the interdependence of individuals, groups and nations.
  • To encourage children to develop tolerance and an understanding of other people's religious and moral values and ways of life.
  • For each child to create a sense of her or his worth and place in school and the community.
  • To develop attitudes of self-discipline in relation to the child as an individual and the way she or he shows respect for other individuals and groups.
  • To encourage every child to take pride in and aspire to quality work.
  • To provide a secure, safe and happy environment for children and adults.

Find Us:

Pike Fold Primary School

Old Market Street, Blackley, M9 8QP

0161 702 3669

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