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Online Safety Notice

We have been made aware of a game on Roblox ‘The Squid Game’, based on the Netflix TV programme of the same name.

The Squid Game Netflix show is a 15 rating, covering very grown-up topics. The TV series may be based on children’s games but contains extreme violence. There is a Roblox version of The Squid Game, references to the show are appearing in many TikTok videos, and some YouTubers are talking about it and showing clips of the Netflix show in their videos. The minimum age to use TikTok is 13 years of age.

On the website for the British Board of Film Classification, the organisation outlines that The Squid Game contains, ‘sexual violence references, injury detail, crude humour, sex, suicide, sexual images, violence’.

We would like to make you aware of this in case your child uses Roblox, TikTok or regularly watches Youtube, and/or has asked to play or watch The Squid Game.

Please find below a link to an article on National Online Safety which gives further information and advice on what parents and carers can do:

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