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Online Safety

Mrs J. McKeever is our Online Safety Co-ordinator, if you have any questions please contact her at school.

National Online Safety Certfied School 2021/2022

We are proud to say that we have become a National Online Safety certfied school showing our whole community approach and commitment to Online Safety.


National Online Safety 

The online world is posing an ever-increasing risk to children, and it is important that schools, parents and carers work together to take an active role in teaching children about online dangers. Learning how to act safely when using the internet is an incredibly important part of safeguarding our children.

We have shown our commitment to protecting our pupils online by working with National Online Safety in providing resources for all parents and carers.

The resources include Parents & Carers courses (presented by Myleene Klass), online video resources and weekly guides covering a huge range of topics.

For parents/carers to create your account, please click on the link National Online Safety and complete your details. When you’re set up, you’ll be able to set ‘Parent/Carer’ as your user type. You can also access National Online Safety online via any device- including via a brand-new app.

We would love it if you took advantage of this amazing resource. Log on and take a look at the parent courses including the "Annual Certificate in Online Safety for Parents & Carers". I am sure you will find the information useful!


If you are concerned about online sexual abuse or the way someone has been communicating with you online you can report it to Child Exploitation and Online Protection agency:

Purple Mash DIgital Leaders

We have a Digital Leaders team at Pike Fold! The children on the team have passion for technology and want to share their knowledge with others and promote the use of all things digital throughout the school. They also have a special task to spread the Online Safety message within school through the delivery of lessons and activities.

E-Safety - helping your child stay safe

The best way to help your child to be a safe when using the internet and new technologies is to talk to them and make sure they understand these simple rules:

  • You should never give out personal details to online ‘friends’. Use a nickname when logging on and don’t share full name, email address, mobile number, school name and any photos, including photos of family or friends – any picture or video online can be changed or shared without permission.
  • Talk to your child about what they are doing online and who they are talking to. Get them to show you how to use things you are not familiar with. Keeping the computer in a family room means that you can share your child’s online experience, they are less likely to act inappropriately (i.e. via webcam) and their online ‘friends’ will see they are in a family room.
  • If your child receives a message that upsets them, remind them not to reply, they should save the message and show you or another trusted adult.
  • Spam and junk emails and texts are not true, don’t reply or send them to anyone else, just delete them.
  • Don’t open files sent from people you don’t know. They could contain a virus, or worse – an inappropriate image or film.
  • An online ‘friend’ is anyone you have not met in real life; no matter how long you have been friends with them.
  • Help your child to understand that some people lie online and that it’s better to keep online ‘mates’ online. They should never meet up with any online ’friends’ without an adult they trust.
  • Make sure they know how to block someone online and report them if they feel uncomfortable.
  • Make sure your child feels able to talk to you, let them know that it’s never too late to tell someone if something makes them feel uncomfortable. Don’t blame your child, let then know you trust them.

Help kids keep things private on social

If your child is using social networking sites to chat to friends and family or share their latest selfie, take a look at our list of great social media guides to get you up to speed on the most popular platforms and help them set the right privacy settings


CEOP (Child Explotation and Online Protection)

BBC Webwise

Childnet International

NSPCC Netaware

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