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Our Results

You can find further information on the schools performance, characteristics, workforce, finance and Ofsted inspection outcomes by visting the DfE website:

Click on the link below which will take you to the Government maintained performance tables for Pike Fold Primary School: Pike Fold Primary School

The government wil not publish KS2 school level data for 2021 to 2022 academic year.  They have archived data from 2018 to 2019 academic year because they recognise that the data from that year may no longer reflect current performance.

Results data for pupils who completed key stage 2 in the summer of 2022. These figures were published in June 2023

Progress in reading, writing and maths

Reading        Writing         Maths

Pupils = 51                            Pupils = 52                        Pupils = 50

 Adjusted scores = 1        Adjusted scores = 0               Adjusted scores = 0

Progress Score  1.34      Progress Score  0.43           Progress Score    1.08

Confidence interval         Confidence interval                 Confidence interval

-0.4 to 3.1                              -1.2 to 2.1                            -0.5 to 2.7

Average score in Reading: School  105.2    LA 104.2    National 104.8 

Average score in Maths:     School 104.1     LA 103.3    National 103.8  

% of pupils achieving the expected standard or higher in Reading, Writing and Maths combined:  School 61%     LA 52%      National 59%

% of pupils achieving higher standard in Reading Writing and Maths: School 9%   LA 4%   National 7%




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