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Aspirations and Careers 2022 - 2023

Careers and Aspirations 2022/2023

At Pike Fold,  we take huge pride in preparing our children for their future. We believe that by encouraging children and raising their aspirations they will also work hard to improve their attainment. Some of our children have recently taken part in a ‘Careers and Aspirations Fair’, where they had an  opportunity to work with a variety of professionals from various backgrounds. Some of the company’s and professionals included:

NHS and Mental Health Care.Our children learned about CPR and mental health wellbeing
Avison Young  who offer comprehensive real estate services across the United Kingdom. – Pupils learned about when and where are the best places to buy land and how it can be used.
CR Construction UK – which after being established in 2018 has become one of Britain’s leading construction companies with an annual turnover of 500 million pounds.
Bruntwood – a property company that lets and designs office space – We discussed interior design and what essentials office staff may require – Pupils designed and critiqued their own designs

Citypress: a multi-award winning independent PR, Social Media & Comms Agency – Our children were asked to design a pet product that could be brought to market.


Some of the Pike Fold student feedback included

‘I enjoyed it a lot. My favourite activity was designing ideas for Pets At Home because
I like drawing and I like to be creative. This could help me in the future because it explained just
how many options there is for a job and how many fascinating jobs there are that I could do in
the future.’ Cory – Year 6

‘ I enjoyed talking to people from  the NHS because I got to find out that need to study 15 years to become a heart surgeon. I think it will help me in the future because I also found out that when I go to high school I can apply for activities with the NHS.’ Dina – Year 6

Alongside the Careers and Aspirations Fair we also took part in a separate event titled ‘ What’s My Job’

Children were placed into small groups of 6 children where they would work together to ask questions to a variety of professionals in a bid to guess what job they did. This was a fantastic event that the children thoroughly enjoyed. There were a variety of professionals at this event including:

•    NHS HR Advisor
•    Construction ( Vinci) Site Manager.
•    Roads and Highways Customer Services Representative.
•    Landscape Architect.
•    Manchester Art Gallery Representative

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