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The ARC - A Manchester Resourced Provision

Pike Fold Primary School has one of Manchester's Resourced Provisions. Although the school is responsible for the teaching and learning of the children who have a place, it does not control the admission of places to the provision. These decisions are made by Manchester Local Authority, which has a multi-agency panel to agree placements in the different provisions within Manchester. Children do not automatically get a place within the provision if they are on roll at Pike Fold, without going through the review process with the Local Authority.  For further information, please contact the statutory assessment team. 

Known in school as The ARC it is a specialist resource provision unit which supports 7 children with a diagnosis of Autism/DLD. Due to the range of children’s needs the ARC is staffed by a specialist teacher and specialist teaching assistants who have all completed specific training to support the children’s learning, social and speech and language needs.  Throughout the week children are also supported by a speech and language therapist, occupational therapist and access sports therapy. 

All children are taught the curriculum in a manner appropriate to their needs, as well as learning vital life and social skills. They are included with their mainstream peers as often as appropriate to engage in the mainstream curriculum at an age appropriate level. All children will be included in the social and academic life of the school as much as possible.  

Our Resource Provision team consists of:

Mrs McKeever Deputy Head & INCo

Mrs Heywood- TA

Mrs Eagers - TA

Mrs Graham - TA

How do pupils get a place in the Resourced Provision?

As part of the assessment process for an Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP), discussions will take place between parents, school, educational psychologists and the statutory assessment team regarding provision.

For pupils with an EHCP, this provision is discussed as part of the annual review process. A review can be held at any time where there is a significant change in circumstances.

Places at the Resource Provision are allocated by the Local Authority.


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