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Aspirations and Careers

At Pike Fold Community Primary School, we believe that our children all have the potential to fluorish, and we want to do all that we can to help them to become whatever they aspireto be in life. WE aim to provide our children with a breadth of experiences in the world of work, routes into work and employability skills that will help them to go on to succeed.

Did you know...

Children begin to form aspirations at the age of 3-4.

Children already begin to discunt options available to them by the age of 6.

This means that by the time children enter Key Stage 2, they mmay have already begun to rule out career options available to them. We see it as our role to restore any apirations they may have, and expose them to the vast careers options that are out there.

We recently organised a 'Career and Aspirations Fair' focused on career related learning. The event was successfully completed with five volunteers from our local  community, all with varied professional backgrounds including : a scientist, a chef, and audio and visual theatre technician, a motivational speaker and a P.E. teacher, alongside an enthusiastic class of Year 6 children.

After spending a positive afternoon raising children's aspirations and broadening an understanding on career goals, we are now even more committed to inviting a wider range of volunteers from the world of work into Pike Fold to share their careers with the children. After brainstorming new ideas for the next 'Career and Aspirations Fair' , we will be looking to invite volunteers from the emergency services and public sector to raise aspirations and career goals for the future.

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