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Equality & Diversity

Pike Fold recognises and accepts its legal duties under the Equality Act.  The Governing Body of Pike Fold confirms its commitment to its statutory equality duties under the Act and to acting in accordance with its statutory equality obligations. The Governing Body also confirms its commitment to taking all reasonable steps to ensuring no individual working in this school acts or behaves in a manner deemed unlawful by the Act.

Our Policy can be found here

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Our School is committed to promoting equality, diversity and inclusion throughout its practice and creating a safe inclusive environment for all staff, pupils and parents and carers. This working group exists to support the effective development and implementation of the school’s equality, diversity and inclusion strategy.

The Group will:

  • Raise awareness of and provide advice on issues of equality, diversity and inclusion
  • Highlight points of concern and areas for action to the Senior Leadership Team
  • Support the development and implementation of the Equality and Diversity Action Plan
  • Monitor progress against the Equality and Diversity Action Plan
  • Represent the views of the wider staff and parent and carer body
  • Champion equality, diversity and inclusion throughout the school
  • Be creative and proactive in finding ways in which a diverse range of cultures and can be promoted & celebrated within the school environment, with pupils and staff alike.

Current members are:

  1. Kim Nickson – SBM
  2. Alix Withey – TA - EYFS
  3. Chloe Weaver – Teacher - EYFS
  4. Keeley Starkie – TA - EYFS
  5. Helen Phelan – TA – KS2
  6. Emma Faram – TA EYFS
  7. Tom Currie – Teacher RP
  8. Stacy Armistead – TA KS1


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