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Reading At Home

Tips to support your child with reading

There are many reasons children may say they don't want to read: some children find it hard to read the words on the page and therefore struggle to understand the meaning of what they read; some don't like reading for long periods of time; and some children simply haven't yet found a genre that they love!

Whatever they say...there's always a way we can help to encourage children's love for reading. From family members reading to children, introducing them to new genres, taking them to the library, to simply talking about the books they read; all of these strategies are tools that will help to enthuse your children about reading. 

Below are some links to useful websites that will help to support you when reading with your children. Please have a click around and see if there's anything you could try. 

Alternatively, ask your child's teacher - there may be something they have found that captures your child's interest. 

Below is an example of one of our teaching assisstants working with a child in Year 5. You may be able to use some of the questions he is using to help support you when reading with your child. Also, we have included some question stems to support you with ideas.!?q=&sortOption=MostRecent&pageNo=1

Please also look at our amazing virtual library. Here you will find lots of books that are being read by famous authors or celebrities.


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