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Curriculum Ambassadors

The key role of a Pike Fold Ambassador is to engage with other children, answer any questions they have about the subject, and reassure and guide fellow pupils along their subject pathway.

Ambassadors will have an important role to play in the daily life of Pike Fold Primary School. We will have specific subject ambassadors for Science, PE and Maths etc who undertake a range of pupil led activities including subject support, participation in inter-school activities and act as leaders within the school. Pupils will be made aware of the responsibility that accompanies this role and the high standards of behaviour that all Ambassadors must adhere to and promote across the school.

An Ambassador role at Pike Fold Primary School is an excellent learning experience and a fantastic opportunity for children to excel, take responsibility and gain knowledge and skills that will benefit them immensely.

Our Ambassadors will have an enthusiasm for a subject, that we need to be nurtured and encouraged. It is important to note that children do not need to be ‘Greater Depth’ in this subject. They will be given a voice in the planning for school subject, bringing their creative ideas to the table and helping to establish a whole school vision for their subject.

They will help to run a lunchtime club or help the teachers set up for lessons. Maybe support some EYFS or Key Stage 1 activities. Enthusiastic Ambassadors will plan and run some themed fund-raising at whole school community events to raise money for resources or enrichment activities.

Our Ambassadors will take part in some assemblies during National subject weeks and talk to parents at open evenings and possibly challenge them to try some hands-on activities! They may wish to run competitions for pupils, produce a termly display or help with sorting and organising the equipment. All activities will develop confidence and communication skills, ideal for the school and its pupils; they will share their enthusiasm and knowledge across the school showcasing their subject.

Being a Pike Fold Ambassador is a great way to channel specific curiosity, engage children and build their knowledge and confidence while giving them the opportunity to develop leadership skills. In turn, the Ambassadors can share their knowledge and enthusiasm with their peers.

Our Aim

Three key objectives for our school:

  • Empower our Ambassadors to share their enthusiasm of a particular subject
  • Engage children (and staff) throughout the school in extra-curricular/fun activities
  • Raise the profile and understanding of their subject across the school and home community

Ambassadors will be:

  • Enthusiastic, friendly and approachable.
  • Punctual, flexible and reliable.
  • Well presented.
  • Willing to develop their communication skills
  • Keen to share their passion with others and work with the staff and the children across the school supporting, helping, and leading others.
  • Taking on specific roles each term.

It is a real achievement to be chosen to represent the school as an Ambassador and we feel that this role helps children show their leadership qualities.

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