Class Dojo

Class Dojo is a behaviour system we use in school where each child has a monster avatar that earns ‘monster points’ for positive behaviours and children’s work in school. 

Each teacher and child has a Class Dojo account. On joining school you will receive a letter with a unique code to set up your Class Dojo account.  Once you have joined and connected with your child’s monster in school on your devices at home you will receive notifications every time your child receives a monster point. You will also be able to see ‘class stories’ from time to time where the teacher will post a little information about what the children have been doing in a particular lesson. 


  • Do message your child’s teacher if you want to share something positive from home or congratulate your child on something they have done in school.


  • Please do not message your child’s teacher to notify them of absences or illnesses – this should be done via the school office as normal.
  • Please do not use Class Dojo to message about any urgent or serious issues; please use the school office and normal school procedures for this.

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