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Forest Schools

‘The best classroom and the richest cupboard are roofed only by the sky’. Margaret McMillan

Forest School originates from Sweden where it has been continually developing since the mid 50’s. The main focus is to deliver all aspects of the curriculum in the outdoor environment. Through various studies it has been proven that children who experienced outdoor learning developed socially, had deeper concentration, improved behaviour and increased overall academic attainment. Forest school will give children the opportunity to develop self-confidence through self-learning through natural play facilitated by trained professionals.  We are lucky at Pike Fold as we have Mrs Armstrong who is a trained member of staff who facilitates the activity throughtout school.

Forest School is based on the principle that children of all ages can benefit greatly from the learning opportunities inherently present in a woodland environment. Forest Schools provides opportunities in an outdoor setting for children to develop a variety of skills: particularly PSHE skills such as independence, self-discovery, communication, self-esteem and confidence building. Children learn to take risks, use their initiatives and co-operate. Beyond this, teachers can use the outdoor environment as a vehicle for art activities, key science concepts, developing physical skills and a whole lot more! In a typical session there may be an adult-led activity, but the ethos of Forest Schools also allows time for children to follow their own learning pathways and interests and adults then support them in their learning. 

Sessions will take place in all weathers so please ensure your child has: hat, gloves, warm clothes (winter) and long sleeve tops and trousers (winter). Wellies and waterproofs are provided by school. Risk assessments are undertaken and medical needs are taken into account.



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