Tuesday 12th May Mass Observation Diary project

On Tuesday 12th May we are going to be taking part in the Mass Observation Diary project. This project aims to capture the everyday lives of people around the UK. The written diaries will be stored in the archive and will be used by a wide range of people for research, teaching and learning. Obviously we are living through a strange time at the moment and they are especially interested in documenting it. They are encouraging schools to take part in this activity as part of this period of homeschooling. We would love to have lots of submissions from everyone at home and diaries can be written in any style and can include drawings.  


There is more information available here:  http://www.massobs.org.uk/write-for-us/12th-may 


Please don't include your real name, contact details or the personal details of anyone mentioned in your diary. Please remember that these diaries will be read and used for research and teaching so please don't include anything that may identify you or others. You should include a brief self-portrait: your age, region where you live and that you are a primary school student. Any reflections on the day and on how you felt while keeping the diary are welcome. 


Please email your submission to school via admin@pikefold.manchester.sch.uk to have it included with the school pack. Parental consent must be sought if the contributor is under 18 so parents by sending them you are giving permission for your child's submission to be included.