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Y5 Grammar Blog

Date: 5th Oct 2016 @ 10:18pm

This is a challenge blog. I will set some grammar challenges for you to work on and reply to my posts with your best efforts. Remember, your reply needs to be a reply to the thread and not a new comment.

Rewards for the best responses so show me your skills!

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Mr Chaffe wrote:

Write me an interesting fact about Queen Victoria including correct use of the subordinating conjunction of 'although'.

Ade 5F wrote:

Although Queen Victoria was royal, she still lived as a lonely single child when she was young.

Ashmaan wrote:

Although we know she wanted to be the longest reigning queen,some thought she should of gave up her throne;others thought she had a great idea of staying on the throne until death

Hope you like this one sir 😄

Mr Chaffe wrote:

Great try Ashmaan but linking those two types of sentence doesn't quite work. You could have had:

Although we know Victoria wanted to be the longest reigning queen, some people at the time though she should have given up her throne. In contrast, others agreed with her and thought it was a great idea to stay on the throne until death.

Fatema wrote:

Although Queen Victoria was small (1.5m), she was a big strong leader.

Ade 5F wrote:

Although Queen Victoria became Queen when she was only 18 years old, she didn't take it for granted and was very serious about it and in the end she was remembered of being the second longest reigning British monarch.

Lillie 5F wrote:

Although Queen Victoria and her mother lived in a palace, they weren't rich.

Richmond wrote:

although Queen Victoria was strong because she was a Queen, she became queen at 18 years she was havin a husband called king albert.

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Mr Chaffe wrote:

This week's challenge:
Can you use a modal verb or adverb in a sentence to show degrees of possibility?

I think you 'should' be able to do that but it is 'possible' that you 'might' find it tricky.

Rosie 5f wrote:

I thought you could jump,but likely you can't jump that high.

Mr Chaffe wrote:

Great try Rosie, well done. 'Could' works well but 'likely' doesn't quite fit there. What about:

'I thought you could jump but it's likely that you can't jump that high.'

Can you see the difference that just a few words make?

Ade 5F wrote:

I am certain I left my jumper in my jam-packed tray when I went out for break.

Lillie 5F wrote:

I am probably going for a meal tonight but my friends could let me down.

Ashmaan 5F wrote:

Sir i may leave school soon .😢😢😢😢😢

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Mr Chaffe wrote:

Can you use a fronted adverbial to add further description to a sentence? Any sentence is fine but if you are struggling for ideas, why not use this one:

Jim Jarvis staggered down the cobbled street.

Ade 5F wrote:

Outside the house, there were lots young children playing basketball.

In the distance, there was a call of help from a man who was in the middle of the blue ocean.

Far away, there was an old man who used to live in a cottage with his dog.

Mr Chaffe wrote:

Great work Ade! Let's see if anyone can match your effort.

Oliver 5P wrote:

Weak and exhausted, Jim Jarvis staggered down the cobbled street.

Lillie 5F wrote:

As we walked slowly down the street, I could see that the streets were getting cleaner.

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Mr Chaffe wrote:

Can you show me a sentence that includes a relative clause?

Ade 5F wrote:

A policeman is someone who is on the watch, to catch people that commit crimes that are against the law.

My dad has a expensive jeep that can go of road which is amazing.

richmond wrote:

I which I can became a king.

Porsche 5f wrote:

Richmond that doesn't make sense
This is my sentence:
Queen Victoria , who had 37 grandchildren , married her cousin Albert .

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Porsché wrote:

She had 37 grandchildren and she She married her cousin although married her it didn't stop her from having 9 babies ,she had 4 boys and 5 girls .

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